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Re: Enable BIND cache server to resolve chinese domain name?

  • From: Mark Andrews
  • Date: Sun Jul 03 22:14:34 2005

> Hi,
> Some of our customer complaint they could not visit
> back to their web site, which use chinese domain name.
> I google the net and found some one recommend to use
> servers in hint file.
> I found domain name like xn--8pru44h.xn--55qx5d could
> not be resolved either. 
> Our cache server runs BIND9.3.1 with root server list
> from 
> Do I need to modify our cache server configuration to
> enable it?
> regards
> Joe

	Only if you wish to do all your other customers a disfavour
	by configuring your caching servers to support a private
	namespace then yes.

	I would have thought the Site Finder experience would have
	stopped people from thinking that they can arbitarially add
	names to to the public DNS.

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