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Re: OMB: IPv6 by June 2008

  • From: Christopher L. Morrow
  • Date: Sat Jul 09 02:14:21 2005

randy already asked for a kibosh on the lunacy here... I agree, it'd be
nice, but...

On Fri, 8 Jul 2005, Alexei Roudnev wrote:

> You do not need to - any router have only `1 - 10% of all routing table
> active, and it is always possible to optimize these alghoritms.

and routing vendor's haven't already done some optomizing you think?

> On the other hand - what's wrong with 4Gb on line card in big core router?

oh, please please name the router vendor that has 4gb of 'ram'
(tcam/fpga/asic-'memory') on the 'linecard'. Oh, can't come up with one?
One wonders why that is? If the solution were as simple as: "Joe, add
1.21jigawatts of memory to the linecard so we can support +1M routes"
Don't you think the vendor would have done this to get people to stop
bitching at them?

> It's cheap enough, even today. And we have not 1,000,000 routes yet.

In YOUR network you don't... I'd venture to guess there are quite a few
very large networks with +1M routes in them today.

remember though, I'm the chemical engineer... and I was trained to MAKE
the crack cocaine...