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Re: Non-English Domain Names Likely Delayed

  • From: Brad Knowles
  • Date: Mon Jul 18 10:44:04 2005

At 3:22 PM +0100 2005-07-18, Neil Harris wrote:

 Neither is beyond the wit of man, particularly given commercial pressure
 from registry customers.
The registry customers don't pay the bills of ICANN and the governments who maintain the ccTLDs. The registries pay those bills, and they get their money (in part) from those who would intentionally create confusing domain names of the sort you would want to prevent.

It's like MCI registering 1-800-OPER-ATER because 50% of the people in the US are illiterate and cannot spell, and don't know that they really meant to use the AT&T service over on 1-800-OPER-ATOR. Why do you think AT&T changed to 1-800-CALL-ATT?

You may get some TLD operators to sign up for service with you, but I don't think you're going to get even a simple majority. Moreover, without official approval and coordination through IETF/IANA/ICANN, I don't think you're going to get a sizable minority.

You seem to have the technical side down reasonably well. What you need to do now is to work on putting that process into the correct place within the context of Internet governance, and get that out of the hands of people who are involved in creating specific products that use the scheme in question.

Having this coordinated by the right group isn't going to change the minds of the registry operators who want to make the extra bucks, and it sure as hell won't change the minds of any of the alternative root operators -- None of them would be in business at all if it weren't for the network abusers.

But you'd be more likely to get more of the legitimate TLD operators that would otherwise remain on the fence.

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