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Re: IPv6 push doesn't have much pull in U.S

  • From: Andre Oppermann
  • Date: Fri Jul 22 06:56:53 2005

Simon Leinen wrote:
Christopher L Morrow writes:

On Sat, 16 Jul 2005, Iljitsch van Beijnum wrote:

And I'm sure Sprint and Verio (MCI/Worldcom/UUNET too? I have a

I know verio does, Sprint I believe also does, and UUNET
does... everyone has restrictions on the service though (native or
tunnel'd type restrictions)
For what it's worth, we get IPv6 transit connectivity from all our
upstreams: Global Crossing, TeliaSonera and Level(3).  In each case,
IPv6 runs over a short tunnel to a router somewhere in the upstream's
backbone.  I assume that's because they either run separate backbones
for IPv4 and IPv6, or because our access routers aren't IPv6-enabled
for some reason.
How much IPv6 traffic (excluding NNTP) do you have compared to IPv4 traffic?