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Re: /8 end user assignment?

  • From: Steve Feldman
  • Date: Thu Aug 04 18:51:17 2005

> I meant to ask this at a nanog or this IETF... why don't some of the
> larger content providers (google, msn, yahoo, to name 3 examples) put AAAA
> records in for their maint content pieces? why don't they get v6
> connectivity from their providers (that offer such services) ? There are
> starting to be more and more folks with v6 connectivity... it'd be
> interesting as a way to drive usage on v6, eh?

(I work for a not-quite-as-large content player.  These are my own
opinions, but this is what I'd tell my empolyer if they asked.)

- We can't get provider-independent IPv6 space (without pretending
  to be a service provider.)

- None of our transit providers appear to provide IPv6 transit.
  Or if they do, they keep it pretty quiet.  (Does UUNET?)

- Most of our content is delivered via load balancer hardware
  that would also need to support IPv6.  Last time I checked,
  it didn't.

- There are (perceived to be) more important things to spend
  our limited resources on.