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Re: /8 end user assignment?

  • From: Iljitsch van Beijnum
  • Date: Fri Aug 05 05:16:36 2005

On 5-aug-2005, at 10:59, Randy Bush wrote:

Until such devices support IPv6, to reiterate Steve's point, it's not an
option to consider approaching connectivity suppliers with IPv6 enquiries.

could you comment on christopher's observation that, given the likely
volume of v6 traffic, you would not have a v6 load worth balancing?
of course, then you would be committed to serving v6.  and if loads
increased before you got vendor support for balancing, you would not
be in a pretty place.
Is there any particular reason why a service over IPv6 couldn't be load balanced by putting a good number of AAAA records in the DNS? Since most IPv6-capable browsers have decent support for trying multiple addresses, the problem of having a server be unavailable but still be in the DNS wouldn't be as bad as in IPv4.

Obviously when people running these services refuse to consider IPv6 because they can't load balance doesn't provide much incentive to load balance vendors to upgrade their stuff.