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RE: Blocking certain terrorism/porn sites and DNS

  • From: Brett Carr
  • Date: Thu Aug 18 04:45:38 2005

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> Subject: Blocking certain terrorism/porn sites and DNS
> Hi,
> I have a doubt which i am sure a lot of people in this list 
> would be able to help me with.
> There was news that terror groups like Al Qaida, etc. are 
> using internet to promote their terror links and these web 
> sites provide online training on how one could assemble bombs, etc.
> The community as a whole wants to close all such web sites. I 
> dont think there is any ambiguity there.
> My question is why cant we ban websites like, say, 
> (hypothetical name), etc. from the whois database.
> As far as i understand if there is a website with the name of 
> then it needs to register itself with the whois 
> database (from network solutions) so that all the queries to 
> this website can be forwarded to the corresponding 
> nameserver. Now, if we want to block permanently then 
> cant we simply remove this URL entry from the whois database?
> Will this work?

It would stop them using whichever hostnames you banned but do you really
think this would stop them using the internet.

Terrorist1: Mmmm seems the internet community have put a stop to us using
Terrorist2: Ok right lets give up and strive for world peace instead.

I don't think so :)

More likely they will (and already are) hiding behind very non terror
sounding names, not a lot we can do about that really.


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