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Operational: Wiltel Peering with MCI problems around D.C

  • From: Rich Emmings
  • Date: Thu Aug 18 15:43:02 2005

Anyone else (Wiltel customers especially) running into an operational issue around D.C. with partial connectivity

It would seem MCI and Wiltel around D.C. have a 'informal' peering relationship and it's been errored right now for about 39 hours with a half-duplex route announcement. This has been effecting us with some loss of connectivity that's not there when we test same sites from other ISP clouds. Since it's informal, the help desk system at one or both ands may be having problem entering a ticket w/o an account number for the circuit.

The usual channels are not producting results, and we're starting to get engineers on the lower end of the evoluationary food chain and finger pointing between wgc & mci that's not helping. Tried a pch, haven't heard yet.

5 ( 5.786 ms 6.510 ms 6.114 ms
6 ( 12.029 ms 11.883 ms 11.582 ms
7 ( 12.840 ms 12.559 ms 12.887 ms
...traffic dies....