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Re: Qwest PSTN problems / status page?

  • From: Matt Hess
  • Date: Mon Aug 22 17:53:31 2005

Their VoIP LD service is also affected.. from my initial understanding it affects a variety of inter-lata calls. Some inter-lata calls are down hard.. others are intermittent. This holds true for calls between latas where qwest is the ILEC. Ex: denver to somewhere in omaha (another qwest number).

Mike Lewinski wrote:
Is anyone aware of a network status page for Qwest PSTN.

We have been told they are currently experiencing a major outage and
"All calls are failing out-going" (which isn't true as I've made some
calls, but am seeing intermittent congestion returned on our PRIs)

I have also heard that it... "Seems to be on the public switching
network.Seattle can call out, Minneapolis & Ohio can't."

(We first noticed it WRT LD calls, and my first test was to OH and
that succeeded, so whatever it is clearly is intermittent).


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