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Re: #nanog: was Re: down

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Wed Dec 21 21:38:48 2005

[email protected] (Albert Meyer) writes:

> I'd like to see a useful #nanog where network operators could chat. ...

there are probably several of these, but to remain useful they have to remain
somewhat closed.  most of you aren't old enough to remember "CB radio" but the
lesson in that for me (in 1975 or so) was, if anybody can talk, everybody will.

that having been said, i created <[email protected]> for susan
during the recent (LAX) meeting and pretty much nobody used it.  one could
charitably assume that it's because iChat's jabber support is pretty new and
most folks are happy with AIM, but my assumption is that most folks are happy
with the chatrooms they're already in, and don't need another one.  what this
probably means for those of us who aren't in a chatroom we find useful, is
that we're just not interesting enough to get invited.

anyway, <[email protected]> remains, and it's lonely there.
there's no password, invitations aren't required, and the server is open to
new account creations if you havn't already got enough jabber accounts.

i see that <[email protected]> (also open, in similar ways,
as is the associated mailing list) is well attended, but full of, um, jabber
about all kinds of off-topic "CB radio" junk.  ymmv, but isn't it inevitable?
Paul Vixie