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RE: WMF patch

  • From: Fred Heutte
  • Date: Wed Jan 04 16:38:19 2006

More info.  This seems pretty reasonable:

Steve Gibson is also mirroring Guilfanov's bypass, and says 
Microsoft's cryptographically signed but unreleased patch 
is floating around the net now:

In my reading this is a serious vulnerability, but the self-
inflating agitation in the "security community" has reached 
a highly annoying level.  I'm in the FTDT (fix the damn thing)
school; let's deal with it and get on with it.  Every cycle spent 
moaning about the faults of Microsoft is a lost opportunity 
for something more productive.

Back to /usr/lurk . . .



>On Wed, 4 Jan 2006, Brance Amussen wrote:
>> Howdy, 
>> Here is the link to the unofficial patches creators site.
>> This is the one sans links to. 
>> Sans seems to be having a hard day.. No Dshield mailings today either..
>> is sporadic as well.. 
>According to, was down due to bandwidth issues 
>earlier. See the homepage for details on alternate ways to 
>get to it.