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Re: shuts down entire data center?

  • From: Matt Ghali
  • Date: Mon Jan 16 14:43:50 2006
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On Mon, 16 Jan 2006, Richard A Steenbergen wrote:

FYI, Nectartech is a small hosting shop out of 55 S Market in San Jose. I
wouldn't describe them as a "datacenter", since I don't think they own or
operate any facilities.
Heh, I used to work at a small hosting shop out of 55 S. Market- it was (then) called BBN Planet. I guess these schmoes rent a cage from Genuity (or whatever they are called now).

Perhaps if they ever managed to find "the command to make two routers talk
to each other and be redundant" (a real quote from what has been loosely
described as their network admin, I'm not kidding, you can't make stuff
like this up :P), their next step might be to find the command to make dns
servers talk to each other and be redundant.
Seriously. You need to be spewing a lot of cak onto the net for your _domain registrar_ to take notice.

The rest is just some random blowhard web hosting customer who
gets off on being an ass and blaming everyone but himself and his choice in hosting companies.
Hardly an uncommon sight. :)
The priceless part is that we probably never would have noticed, had he not had the hubris to record the conversations, and then publish the URL to them. I love it when the lusers are nice enough to clearly identify themselves.


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