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RE: summarising [was: Re: ICANNs role]

  • From: michael.dillon
  • Date: Wed Apr 04 10:28:49 2007

> > There is no need for rapidly unannounced updates by the 
> registries.   
> That simply isn't true.

You're right. Just like there is a very strong need for an airline that
offers 5 minutes from curb to seat checkin service. The need exists but
it ain't gonna be filled anytime soon because the government prohibits
such things. The government mandates delays and multiple vetting
processes between the time you step on the curb and the time you sit in
your airplane seat.

Same with buying a handgun in most states and in Canada. Same with
opening a business in most jurisdictions. You have to go to cityhall and
apply for a license first. Why should domain name registries be special
and be exempt from these normal processes of vetting and registering?

> Now, the reality is, accidents do happen.  However, they happen
> infrequently enough that you probably do not need to be able to
> change your nameservers through the web interface and have them
> reflected 5 seconds later.  I do think that it would be very valuable
> to have the capability to call someone at a registrar to deal with
> issues like this for the infrequent times that it is needed, or
> perhaps allow one such change per week(?) through the web interface.

We had a situation rather like that about 6 weeks ago and we did call
Network Solutions and they did fix the problem by putting the lame
nameservers back in the .COM zone where the customer wanted them to be.
I believe the customer switched registrars in order to make sure that
their lame nameservers stayed lame. So at least some registrars do have
helpdesks available by phone who can get wierd issues sorted out for

--Michael Dillon