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RE: Abuse procedures... Reality Checks

  • From: Fernando André
  • Date: Thu Apr 12 06:23:39 2007

Citando Frank Bulk <[email protected]>:
" but imagine how much work it
would save their abuse department in the long run"

I think that Comcast trouble isn't has much has the company's affected I keep the idea that the best is to rate limit incoming connections and a lot of filtering to prevent the spam flood and keep hardware costs Low.

Placing the filtering on the user will make the user cry a lot against
the ISP,
change ISP and keep the problem. They really don't care about their computer.

By using rate limit on incoming connections a lot of dynamic address's are

"Additionally, upper management gives or takes away manpower many times
the understanding of what 'should' be done to be a good netizen and this
defines how much effort can be spent on fixing the problems. "

This is the biggest problem "upper management" really doesn't care and
the time
to use on this problems is not accounted.

So controlling the number of messages that leave your SMTP server is a
and PBL from spamhaus is a good thing ! SPF also good but will lead to
( tuff )

Blocking tcp destination port 25 to outside the network might work well
on small
 and without concurrent ISP, on big ones I doubt it.

Fernando Ribeiro

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