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Re: Q: What do ISPs really think about security issues?

  • From: Jared Mauch
  • Date: Thu Jan 10 09:56:53 2008

On Thu, Jan 10, 2008 at 09:20:05AM +0000, Paul Ferguson wrote:
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> As some of you may know, my primary job these days is tracking down
> Bad Guys (tm), identifying threats, etc.
> But enough of that.
> One of my primary concerns has been, unsuccessfully, engaging the
> networking community.
> Why is that?
> This "issue" is not imagined, nor is it a scare tactic -- it has,
> for lack of a better analogy, grown in proportions only proportional
> to the lack of engagement from ISPs.
> ISPs have really, really been absent from the discussion, for various
> reasons.

	What discussions do you vaguely speak of?  nsp-sec?  nsp-sec BoF
Cybersecurity stuff?  NSTAC?  There's all sorts of forums that relate
to security that are defined by different criteria or self-selecting.

> Is this a topic that the NANOG community would like to discuss in
> a serious manner?

	I think it'd discussed at NANOG and even has it's own BoF.  Without
you providing more context of what you mean, it's hard to say.

> I'm just curious, because I'm considering submitting a "lightning
> talk" at the upcoming San Jose NANOG, just to gauge & present some
> of the major issues that we are seeing that could really use your
> assistance.

	- Jared

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