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RE: Q: What do ISPs really think about security issues?

  • From: michael.dillon
  • Date: Fri Jan 11 11:54:12 2008

> Best suggestion of the thread. Now how can we make that 
> happen? 

Check the Introduction and Methodology paragraphs of that document.

- find two or three people who will collate information
- hold several discussions on the topic (could be mailing
  list threads.
- record all the suggestions
- rewrite it all to give the document some structure
- Publish on the web

Note that in some circumstances, it may be more useful
to publish the information on the web in Wiki format
rather than trying to create a single "document". A wiki
works better if you have more than two or three people 
willing to write and collate info.

But regardless of whether you try to write a "document" 
or collect your guidelines in a wiki, you need to cultivate
the document by regularly circulating it, discussing it,
seeking contributions to it, etc.

--Michael Dillon