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Re: ISPs slowing P2P traffic...

  • From: Mark Radabaugh
  • Date: Sun Jan 13 15:52:07 2008

I would be much happier creating a torrent server at the data center level that customers could seed/upload from rather than doing it over the last mile. I don't see this working from a legal standpoint though.

Why not? There's plenty of perfectly legal P2P content out there.

Hum... maybe there is an idea here.

I believe the bittorrent protocol rewards uploading users with faster downloading. Moving the upload content to a more appropriate point on the network (a central torrent server) breaks this model. How would a client get faster download speeds based on the uploads they made to a central server? To solve the inevitable legal issues there would also need to be a way to track how content ended up on the server as well. Are there any torrent clients that do this?