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RE: FW: ISPs slowing P2P traffic...

  • From: Geo.
  • Date: Tue Jan 15 12:38:13 2008

> As long as we're keeping up this metaphor, P2P is the fat man who says

Guys, according to wikipedia over 70 million people fileshare

That's not the fat man, that's a significant portion of the market.

Demand is changing, meet the new needs or die at the hands of your
customers. It's not like you have a choice.

The equipment makers need to recognize that it's no longer a one size fits
all world (where download is the most critical) but instead that the
hardware needs to adjust the available bandwidth to accomodate the direction
data is flowing at that particular moment. Hopefully some of them monitor
this list and are getting ideas for the next generation of equipment.

George Roettger
Netlink Services