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Re: Off Topic

  • From: Alex Pilosov
  • Date: Tue Jan 15 22:47:49 2008

On Tue, 15 Jan 2008, Rod Beck wrote:

> At the risk of incurring Mr. Pilosoft's wrath (the Putin of NANOG?),
You meant the "srh of nanog". And I'm not ;)

> I'll looking for NANOG style ISP meetings to attend in Europe this year
> (France, Germany, UK, Belgium, and Netherlands). Any suggestions would
> be appreciated. Please bypass the list and send them directly to me.
The first thing that comes to mind is RIPE. Next thing that comes to mind 

Also, that isn't really off-topic. However, if you get off-list replies, 
could you please do a follow-up summary post and list the european neteng 
groups, that would be quite helpful. A good starting point for the search 
is, which lists european IXPs. Many IXP's have annual (or 
more often) meetings of members, which serve similarly to NANOG. See: for starters.