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Blackholing traffic by ASN

  • From: Justin Shore
  • Date: Wed Jan 30 18:36:50 2008

I'm sure all of us have parts of the Internet that we block for one reason or another. I have existing methods for null routing traffic from annoying hosts and subnets on our border routers today (I'm still working on a network blackhole). However I've never tackled the problem by targeting a bad guy's ASN. What's the best option for null routing traffic by ASN? I could always add another deny statement in my inbound eBGP route-maps to match a new as-path ACL for _BAD-ASN_ to keep from accepting their routes to begin with. Are there any other good tricks that I can employ?

I have another question along those same lines. Once I do have my blackhole up and running I can easily funnel hosts or subnets into the blackhole. What about funneling all routes to a particular ASN into the blackhole? Are there any useful tricks here?

The ASN I'm referring to is that of the Russian Business Network. A Google search should turn up plenty of info for those that haven't heard of them.