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Calling TeliaSonera - time to implement prefix filtering

  • From: sthaug
  • Date: Tue Apr 15 06:44:08 2008

We're currently receiving the following prefix from TeliaSonera on one
of our IP transit links in Oslo:         *[BGP/170] 4d 22:23:07, localpref 100
                      AS path: 1299 29049 I
AS 29049 is:

aut-num:        AS29049
as-name:        Delta-Telecom-AS
descr:          Delta Telecom LTD.
descr:          International Communication Operator
descr:          Azerbaijan Republic

and *of course* they don't own

TeliaSonera: It's about time you started implementing prefix filtering
on your customer links. Our other transit providers do this.

Steinar Haug, Nethelp consulting, [email protected]