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Re: Splitting ARIN assignment

  • From: Justin M. Streiner
  • Date: Thu May 22 13:13:16 2008

On Thu, 22 May 2008, James Kelty wrote:

I'm looking for an opinion from the group. I have an ARIN /21 assignment and a new requirement for a second data center. Rather than ask for another assignment, I would like to advertise one /22 from one location and the other /22 from the second location both with the same asn. My apps will work that way, so I don't have an issue internally, but I'm looking for a broader base opinion on that.

You can do this and it shouldn't be much of an issue. Note tht if you change your routing policy in the future and opt to announce the full /21 from both data centers, you will need to make provisions for connectivity between the two sites since both sites would be advertising reachability for the full block.