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In and Around Bellevue, WA



General Information

Bellevue, WA.
Bellevue, on the eastern shores of Lake Washington, is an upscale burg with high income housing, attractive parks and some interesting shops and boutiques. Civic and social life centers on Bellevue Sq, at Bellevue Way NE and NE 8th St, the shopping mall, the Bellevue Art Museum features changing exhibits of contemporary Northwest art. 

Currency:           $ USD


Plug Type:

Voltage:           110V      

Time Zone:      Pacific time Zone (PST)

Language:       English

Tipping:           15% In Restaurants it is customary to tip 15% of the bill or 20% for above-average service.  
                         $1 tip per bag or suitcase is customary for hotel bellman or porters. 
                         15% tip of the total fare tip is typical for taxi drivers. 
Hyatt Bellevue is just 5 minutes away from exciting Downtown Bellevue offering shopping and tasteful dining options.  
Average weather temperature in June can vary with highs of 70 Degrees F and lows arounf 52 Degrees F. Although Bellevue is known for its grey skies June has shown visitors and residents a like that the sun does really shine. 
Where to Dine & Drink at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue
13 Coins
Daniel's Broiler
Joey Bellevue
Zen Express
Needs Deli/ Needs Mercantile
Fonte Coffee Roaster  
Bellevue has a wide range of attractions that can appeal to a variety of interests.
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