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NANOG 70 Shipping & Logistics Information For Sponsors

All NANOG Sponsors are responsible for their individual shipping and delivery/handling charges associated with the conference. In order to make the shipping and recieving process as smooth as possible, please take a minute and review the Shipping Information document

Sponsorship Guidelines

Audio Visual and Electrical Order Form (When form has been complete, please email it to [email protected])

Internet- NANOG wireless network included complimentary, wired ethernet connection may be requested at [email protected]


All sponsors that are shipping materials to NANOG 70, must use one of the provided shipping labels below.

Please use the designated colored paper, to print the label on, to ensure that the hotel and NANOG staff can quickly identify and locate your materials.

**Please click on the sponsorship type for your label. Each box should contain a label.**

Breakfast and Lunch Sponsors  - Please use this shipping label and print on BLUE paper.

- Beer n' Gear Sponsors - Please use this shipping label and print on RED paper.

- Break Sponsors-Please use this shipping label and print on YELLOW paper.

- Social Sponsors - Please use this shipping label and print on ORANGE paper.

- Giveaway Sponsors - Please use this shipping label and print on PURPLE paper.

Espresso Sponsor - Please use this shipping label and print on GREEN paper.



1. All sponsor shipping, AV, and electrical charges will be charged to the credit card on file for the order or to the individuals sleeping room.

2. Ship to: 

Hyatt Regency Bellevue

900 Bellevue Way NE

Bellevue, WA 98004

3. Hotel will accept shipments starting on Friday, June 2nd, 2017. (Please Note: Any deliveries to the hotel prior to 3 days before the event (Friday, June 2nd) will be refused due to the limited storage available.)

4. Storage Fees: 

Complimentary 3 days before event (June 2nd), and 3 days after event (June 10th). 

Additional Storage Days: $10 per box/per day, $100 per pallet/per day

5. Please Note: There is NO shipping/receiving office located in the Hyatt Regency, therefore you will NOT be able to pick-up any sponsor packages. They must be delivered to your dedicated sponsor room/table on the day of your sponsorship. To ensure that package deliveries are made in a timely and organized manner on the day of your sponsorship, please fill out the following shipment form. 

6. If you wish to personally pick-up your package(s) upon check-in you, must label the package(s) as a "Guest Package" with your name only (do not reference the event). Package(s) will be stored at front desk for you to request at time of check-in.  

7. Return shipments must be completely packaged, clearly labeled, and left on/near your sponsorship table for pick-up by the Hyatt Event Set-up Supervisor and staff at the conclusion of the sponsorship event. (Please Note: Please bring all shipping materials and return labels with you, as the hotel will not provide materials or printer. Hotel will have blank UPS and FedEx forms available if needed.)


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