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NANOG Meeting Presentation Abstract

Datacenter Track
Meeting: NANOG58
Date / Time: 2013-06-04 4:45pm - 6:15pm
Room: Salon III
Presenters: Moderators:

Dan Golding

Daniel Golding has over 15 years of experience in the Internet, datacenter, and critical facilities fields. His experience ranges from financial and organizational to deeply technical. He has held executive positions at RagingWire Data Centers, DH Capital, and Tier 1 Research. In addition, Daniel has significant experience in conference administration and management, including serving as the conference chairman for the Hosting Transformation Summit and the Global Peering Forum, for four years in each case. Daniel has held a wide variety of positions across the Internet infrastructure sector: network engineering and peering; data center operations and engineering; financial and industry analysis; and executive management. Also, uniquely, he possesses strong financial knowledge through work as an investor and banker in the Internet sector. Daniel has also been a sponsor and host of NANOG through previous employers, bringing specific knowledge of these essential community roles to the table.

Marty Hannigan

Martin Hannigan is a 26 year veteran of the Internet economy. He's been designing, funding, building and operating networks and data centers for a long time. You can find out more about Martin here http://linkd.in/143vNCt
Abstract: In the style of the highly successful Peering BOF, the Datacenter BOF will explore datacenter topics of interest to the NANOG community, with several goals:

- Smaller group than the plenary
- Maximum audience participation
- Strong educational goal
- Rotating moderators after establishment

Possible sessions inside the BOF:

- Debate: e.g. Wholesale datacenter vs retail colocation (possible debaters: David Roach and Chris Sharp)
- Session on PUE and other common data center metrics
- Datacenter spotlights - 10 minute sessions from providers on new and under construction facilities
- Location Panels - group discussions on particular geographies, such as San Jose, Ashburn, Seattle, Boston, etc.
- User feedback panels - Inspired by VERY successful GPF session on "what customers want to see in colocation providers"
- Session on how to buy using RFPs
- Sessions on green data center technologies
Files: None.
Sponsors: None.

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