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NANOG Meeting Presentation Abstract

Stress Testing to Validate Router Readiness for Deployment
Meeting: NANOG29
Date / Time: 2003-10-21 3:35pm - 4:05pm
Room: Salons A-E
Presenters: Speakers:

Shankar Rao, Qwest

Shankar Rao is a member of the Technology Management group at Qwest, where he is engaged in design and development of the core IP network infrastructure as well as new product engineering. He served in an operational role at Sprint for three years prior to joining Qwest in 1998. Shankar has a MS degree in Computer Science from the George Mason University, and a BS degree from the University of Mysore, India.

Scott Poretsky, Quarry

Scott Poretsky is currently Software Quality Assurance Manager at Quarry Technologies. Prior to that, he spent six years at Avici Systems as Manager of Product Verification. Scott also held network engineering positions with General DataComm and Raytheon Company. He has been an active contributor for router benchmarking standardization with the IETF\'s Benchmarking Methodology Working Group, where he has authored numerous Internet-Drafts. Scott has three IEEE published papers and a patent for ATM networking. He earned an MSEE from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a BSEE from the University of Vermont.
Abstract: Router testing has focused on isolated performance of control plane protocols and data plane forwarding. This is not always adequate to validate a router for network deployment, as routers in an operational network are simultaneously configured with multiple protocols and security policies while forwarding traffic and being managed. To accurately benchmark a router for deployment it is necessary to test the router in operational conditions by simultaneously configuring network protocols and security policies, sourcing traffic, and managing the router.

Operational network conditions may be accelerated to benchmark the router under stress, enabling service providers to truly evaluate readiness for deployment. This presentation will discuss the benefits of router stress testing, stress testing model and framework, and current effort to standardize router stress testing in the IETF\'s Benchmarking Methodology Working Group.
Files: pdfShankar Rao Presentation(PDF)
youtubeStress Testing to Validate Router Readiness for Deployment
Sponsors: None.

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