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NANOG Meeting Presentation Abstract

Tutorial: ISP Security - Real World Techniques II
Meeting: NANOG26
Date / Time: 2002-10-27 3:30pm - 5:00pm
Room: Composers Hall
Presenters: Speakers:
Barry Raveendran Greene, Cisco Systems.
Kevin Houle, CERT.
Abstract: The Internet is a battleground, with ISP\'s and their customers right in the middle of the line of fire. What ISPs need to protect themselves are tools and techniques that work in the front lines, i.e., tools that fight DoS attacks and provide something other than a busy signal on the customer service line.

Building on the NANOG 23 security tutorial, we will focus on the ISP-customer edge--the risk, vulnerabilities, and mitigation techniques. Most techniques have been validated and proven operationally deployable.
Files: youtubeISP Security - Real World Techniques II
pdfISP Security Presentation(PDF)
Sponsors: None.

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