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NANOG Meeting Presentation Abstract

Route Flap Damping: Harmful?
Meeting: NANOG26
Date / Time: 2002-10-28 1:30pm - 2:00pm
Room: Hellman/Williams/O\'Neill
Presenters: Moderators:
Randy Bush, IIJ.
Tim Griffin, AT&T Research.
Zhuoqing Morley Mao, UC Berkeley.
Abstract: We describe our findings, which show that route flap damping could suppress relatively stable routes, through both simulations and controlled experiments using BGP Beacons. A BGP Beacon is an unused prefix whose originating announcement and withdrawal occur at well-defined times. We describe interesting analysis results of public routing data from sites such as the RIPE-NCC and Route Views using two beacons that have been lit up in the last few months. Finally, we propose changes to route flap damping that would achieve a good balance of routing stability and fast convergence times.
Files: pdfRoute Flap Damping(PDF)
youtubeRoute Flap Damping: Harmful?
Sponsors: None.

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