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NANOG Wireless Network Information

For the duration of the meeting conference, NANOG provides a dual-stack IPv4/v6 meeting network. IP address allocation is available by DHCP for IPv4 and neighbor discovery for IPv6. No NAT or translation protocols are utilized, in addition local NANOG DNS servers offer DNSSEC capability.

Wireless coverage provided by NANOG is focused on the general session and break-out room space, while common area wireless access is provided where possible. Multiple "SSID's" or network names are advertised to differentiate the wireless protocols and spectrum configurations offered:

  • NANOG 802.11A/B/G/N in 2.4GHz
  • NANOG-a 802.11A/N in 5Ghz
  • NANOG-secure 802.1X authentication over 802.11A/B/G/N
  • NANOG-a-secure 802.1X authentication over 802.11A/N

The -secure wireless networks require WPA2-Enterprise authentication, the username and password credentials are "nanog" - all lower case. The NANOG conference network is geared for high availability and demonstrating industry best practices. The -secure networks are not a replacement for end-to-end security offered by IPsec, SSL, SSH or similar VPN technology.

The hotel venue also provides WiFi coverage in most of its rooms. The NANOG group rate includes complementary Internet access via the hotel's network.





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