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NANOG Wireless Network Information

We are excited to announce some changes to the wireless network for NANOG 63. IETF has graciously offered to loan NANOG brand new equipment recently donated by Cisco for use at the IETF meetings held throughout the world. This new routing, switching, and wireless equipment provides much improved capabilities, but the largest benefit will likely come from the use of new Cisco 2702i APs. These new APs come with additional antenna and spatial stream support, as well as 802.11ac support. This is great news for those of you with shiny new laptops, but we expect improvements due to .11ac's built in beam forming even for clients that do not yet support the 802.11ac standard.

Wireless SSIDs:

This change in hardware has provided an opportunity to tune the SSIDs in use at the meeting. In an effort to simplify and standardize NANOG meeting wireless information, we have developed the following set of wireless SSIDs for your use during the upcoming NANOG 63 meeting in San Antonio:

  • NANOG – 802.1X secured using the below user:pass (5Ghz only)
  • NANOG-2.4only – 802.1X secured using the below user:pass (2.4GHz only)
  • NANOG-legacy – Open, unencrypted network (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz)

The login information for the 802.1x secured networks is:

User: nanog

Pass: nanog

We encourage all users with 5Ghz radios to take advantage of the NANOG SSID. With orders of magnitude more frequencies available and much less legacy frequency congestion, compared to the 2.4Ghz band the 5Ghz band is the wave of the future. In addition, this is where all users will get the best performance based on the 802.11ac technology built into our APs.

The legacy network is being provided as a courtesy in case of technical difficulties with joining NANOG, and we hope to limit this networks availability in future meetings.

NANOG provides dual stack IPv4/IPv6 wireless coverage in the general session, open seating, breakout meeting rooms, and the common areas in front and around these meeting rooms. Public areas are covered using a best-effort approach based on physical access and infrastructure. No NAT or other translation or capture technologies are in use, and there will be NANOG DNS servers offering DNSSEC capability.


In addition to the network setup and provided in the meeting space, the hotel has offered to make a NANOG specific SSID available to all guests and attendees during the meeting.

  • nanog-guestroom – WPA/WPA2-Personal secured network. PSK password nanognanog

This SSID will utilize the NANOG internet connection, and bypass the typical NAT/Captive Portal Hospitality gateway that most hotels utilize, however traffic will be riding over the hotels switching and AP infrastructure, and as such the operations team has much less visibility and control over this portion of the network.

The hotel provided guestroom internet access is still part of the negotiated rate for the room block, so guests of the hotel may feel free to take advantage of the hotel SSID if desired.


A network help desk will be provided during core meeting hours. The help desk can assist with any connectivity issues and answer questions.  Support can also be obtained by sending email to [email protected].  We have modified our support process and encourage everyone to utilize these resources. You may wish to include certain details in your reports, especially related to wireless issues. We suggest you record your general (physical) location, mac address, and SSID, and wireless channel, and contact info in any reports, should you experience any technical difficulties.

We also appreciate any comments and/or feedback; don’t hesitate to relate your experiences, good or bad.


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