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NANOG 73 Hackathon

Sunday, June 24, 2018




Welcome to the NANOG 73 Hackathon brought to you by NANOG and host sponsor

Do you love preventing disruption and chaos in your network? Always wondered what it would feel like to wear the “White Hat”? Want to show off your Network, Security or Automation expertise, and pick up some new mad skills to defend your network? NANOG and Juniper recognize that our community wants to demonstrate and improve upon their abilities and we want to invite you to participate in the NANOG 73 Hackathon!


The event will be a fully hands-on session where you will have an opportunity to prevent hackers from taking control of some IoT devices in an effort to cause chaos. We will also demonstrate some new ways to use existing systems in your network to defend against different types of attacks, all while hanging out with some of the brightest security experts from Juniper and the NANOG community who will help you prevent others from breaking your stuff.


Registration for the Hackathon is free. All skill levels are welcome, including beginners, but participants are expected to actively participate in the hacks. At the end of the day, participants will be given the opportunity to briefly present their ideas and vote for the top teams, who will be able to present during the NANOG 73 general session.


After registration, look for messages from [email protected] for updates and additional information. Feel free to use that list for pitching hack ideas and team recruitment, as well! A link to our Slack channel will also be provided.


Registration for the Hackathon is separate from the NANOG conference; NANOG 73 registration is not required, but space is limited. Register for the Hackathon today!


Useful Links:

NANOG 73 Hackathon Registration List

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