Internet Innovators - Geoff Huston


Internet Innovators - Geoff Huston

Leave it to Internet Hall of Fame Global Connector + chief scientist for APNIC, Geoff Huston to make the hairy + scary parts of the Internet almost sound charming.

Maybe it’s his sparkling wit, pleasant demeanor, (or maybe even) the Australian accent that makes all pills a little easier to swallow. Ep.2 of our new web series, “Internet Innovators” Huston explains why we need to continue to address the elephants in the room.

Huston also talks about the importance of developing public speaking skills + “how to make an impact on a room full of geeks.” We also get to hear more about Huston’s childhood in Australia and what made him the man he is today. Overall, Huston will leave you wanting to ask better questions and think more critically of the digital world around you.

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