Panel: In Conversation: RIRs Talk Tech


Panel: In Conversation: RIRs Talk Tech

ARIN: Mark Kosters, Chief Technical Officer

APNIC: George Michealson, Product Manager

RIPE NCC: Felipe Victolla Silveira, Chief Operating Officer

LACNIC: Carlos M. Martinez, Chief Technical Officer

AFRINIC: Amreesh Phokeer, Research & Innovation Manager

Moderated by John Kristoff @ DePaul University / UIC.

This panel brings together technical representatives from each regional Internet registry (RIR) to provide insight into their respective operations and organizations, as well as to address questions network operators may have about working in their region. The focus on this discussion is on RIR technical services such as the RPKI, RDAP, WHOIS, IRR, and Abuse handling. Resource policies such as those covering number transfers are out of scope.

John Kristoff: John is a network architect in the Information Services division and adjunct faculty in the College of Computing and Digital Media at DePaul University. He is also a PhD candidate in Computer Science at the University of Illinois Chicago studying under the tutelage of Chris Kanich. He also currently serves as a research fellow at ICANN, sits on the NANOG program committee, and operates

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