Security in Design


Security in Design

Russ White, Juniper

Network designers are often told they should build security in to the network "from day one." Very little work, however, has been done in defining what building a secure network really means beyond filtering packets, protecting network devices, and providing segmentation (or microsegmentation). This presentation takes another look at security in network design, considering how complexity and security are related, and how to think about design decisions from a security perspective.

Russ White has scribbled a basket of books, penned a plethora of patents, written a raft of RFCs, taught a trencher of classes, nibbled and noodled at a lot of networks, and done a lot of other stuff you either already know about — or don't really care about. You can find Russ at 'net Work, the Internet Protocol Journal, PAcket Pushers, LinkedIn, and his author page on Amazon.

Security in Design (pdf)

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