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NANOG Women in Tech

The stories + experiences of women in our community.

A Conversation with Susan Forney

A Conversation with Jezzibell Gilmore

A Conversation with Kat Ronay

A Conversation with Michaela Clifford


Though women make up 47 percent of all employed adults in the US, they hold only 25 percent of computer-science roles, and just 16 percent are engineers. For women of color, the gap is even wider: Black women hold only 2 percent of all computing jobs, and Latinx women hold just 1 percent.

There are some truly amazing women in the NANOG community, but we'd love to see far more. That’s why we work with colleges and universities, affiliate NOGs, and tech communities to provide greater access to our tools, resources, and programming across North America, with particular focus on the education and empowerment of students, women, and people of color.

Our newest series on NANOG TV further explores the stories and career paths of some of the most exceptional women we know, and the experiences they’ve had while navigating the world of network engineering.