The Next Network Professional: What's Next?


The Next Network Professional: What's Next?

A panel discussion moderated by Dave Temkin, featuring: Suzie Gleeson, Julia Stern, Rami Rahim, Nick McKeown, and Vijay Gill.

After the success of the panel at NANOG 77, the number one piece of feedback I received was that the discussion was great, but people wanted more actionable advice - what could THEY do?. When I originally asked for an hour, I was afraid that we would run out of things to talk about - what happened in reality, was that we were only scratching the surface of what's important to the operator community.

Part 2 of the panel focuses on what actionable things we can do - as leaders, as engineers, as partners, to include more people in our industry. We need to discuss what changes can we as people make, and what changes can we push our companies to make, to bring new, underrepresented faces in and help them flourish.

Moderator: Dave Temkin, VP of Network and Systems at Netflix
Suzie Gleeson, Founder of Womens Tech Forum and VP at Digital Realty
Rami Rahim, CEO of Juniper Networks
Nick McKeown, Professor at Stanford
Julia Stern, Program Manager - Inclusion at Netflix
Vijay Gill, SVP of Engineering at Databricks

The Next Network Professional: What's Next? (pdf)