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NANOG 66 Peering Personals

The Peering Personals 90-minute session is to be held on Monday afternoon of the three-day NANOG conference.  The session will feature 30 minutes of peering updates and 60 minutes of time to socialize with others in the peering community.

Peering Representatives, who complete and submit the form below, will be given an opportunity to provide the audience with a brief introduction.  Peering Personal Updates will be limited to the first 30 minutes of the session.  Walk-up Personals may be taken during an open-mic time, but are not guaranteed.

Peering Representatives will receive a message from the session moderator no later than one week prior to the start of the conference confirming their participation in the Peering Personals presentations.  In addition to their brief introduction, Peering Representatives will be assigned a table for further networking during the social time of the session. A maximum of 20 submissions will be accepted for NANOG 66.

As of February 4, 2016, there are 20 submissions.  Please consider submitting for NANOG 67.  The Peering Personals submission page should be ready in mid-March.



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