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Meeting Logistics

Connectivity Sponsor Responsibilities 

Provide at least 100M of available bandwidth between the hotel and the commodity Interne See network diagram.

Provide a native (MSDP, MBGP, PIM-Sparse) multicast and IPv6 link from the meeting site to the Internet if available.


Network Topology

NANOG meeting staff will install a network to provide 802.11 a/b/g wireless access in all meeting rooms and many of the common areas of the hotel venue. The NANOG network topology will vary from venue to venue, but will generally follow the network diagram.

NANOG will supply address blocks (5 class C's) for the wireless, multicast/webcast, and IPv6 networks (See network diagram) 

Provide and operate the DNS server and DHCP server available on the attendee network.  

Design and set-up equipment to webcast and multicast source which will be addressed from a /26. 

Provide the multicast broadcast (tunnel or native if available).  

Provide, if required, an authentication gateway.  

Provide networks statistics collection via the web and lobby display. 


General Logistics Support

Provide A/V solutions to include equipment, including cameras, screens, microphones, etc.  

Provide computers and printers for attendee use. 


Electrical power in General Session ballroom to support: 

·      Power to the classroom tables for ~400 laptop users

·      One 20-amp circuit for the stage (separate from AV)

·      Two 20-amp circuits for the back riser (separate from AV)

·      One power strip per 2 classroom tables (shared by 4-6 users)

·      A power diagram layout that has worked well in the past.  

Arrange overnight security for the main meeting room. 


Meeting Support Questions:

If you have any questions, please send e-mail to nanog-support@nanog.org