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NANOG Meeting Presentation Abstract

A Day in the Security Life of a Service Provider—Qwest
Meeting: NANOG33
Date / Time: 2005-01-31 9:15am - 9:45am
Room: Pavilion 9
Presenters: Speakers:

Don Smith, Qwest

Donald Smith is a Security Engineer at Qwest and an Internet Storm Center handler (isc.sans.org). He began his computer career 28 years ago in the Army, on a \"portable\" analog computer. He worked for CDC and received his first security certification in 1995 (CISSR). He has contributed to various computer security groups, tools, and standards, including TIS-fw toolkit, AISSIM, NISPOM ch8, RFC3871, \"Operational Security Requirements for Large ISP IP Network Infrastructure,\" and SANS NT security and incident handling guides.
Abstract: ISP Security professionals encounter unique security incidents. Miscreants, extortion, attacks on their infrastructure, law enforcement knocking on their doors, rampant worms, botnets gone wild, and collateral damage that knocks out multiple gig links are all types of incidents that an enterprise security professional will never experience.

\"A Day in the Security Life of an SP\" is a new regular session given by service provider security professionals to help the broader NANOG operations community learn about their colleagues\' work, point out worries and concern in the industry, and recommend actions that the community can take that would make life easer.

For this NANOG we have Don Smith, Security Operations at Qwest.
Files: youtubeA Day in the Security Life of a Service Provider—Qwest
pdfDon Smith Presentation(PDF)
Sponsors: None.

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