Apply to the NCI

College educators interested in sponsoring up to (5) students at one of NANOG’s tri-annual conference are encouraged to apply.


We provide support for up to (5) educators at each conference. NANOG-paid expenses include:

  • Airfare (up to $500)
  • Hotel (up to four nights)
  • Ground transportation
  • Meals (per diem, based on meeting location)

Selection process

NANOG maintains an open call for NCI applications throughout the year, and the NCI Committee conducts thorough evaluations of all applications before making selections.

The NCI Committee will select up to (5) university or college educators per meeting, limited to (1) instructor and up to (5) students from each school. Approving additional students is at the sole discretion of the NANOG Board of Directors. The NCI committee will select applicants who it believes to be best suited for the program, taking into consideration NANOG’s mission to create opportunities for education and empowerment across a broad range of diverse students in North America.

NANOG’s Education Committee has the right to select educators it believes to be most qualified to receive the NCI award. Educators may be provided more than (1) award in a calendar year. However, participating students are limited to (1) NANOG meeting per calendar year, and a total of (2) awards for the life of the program. All decisions made by the committee are final, and awards will be announced in advance of each conference. Applicants not selected in the current round will be considered in future rounds, if they choose to apply again.

Apply to the NCI

Please email the following information to [email protected]:

  • Educator name
  • College or university affiliation
  • NANOG conference you wish to attend
  • Number of students you wish to sponsor
  • Statement of interest

NCI Requirements

As an NCI participant, all students are expected to:

  • Attend the NANOG program as scheduled.
  • Participate in the NANOG Hackathon + hackathon-related presentations.
  • Share their experiences as NCI participants with the NANOG marketing team through video and/or written interviews conducted at the conference.

NANOG strongly encourages students to take full advantage of public-speaking activities at the conference, such as the NANOG Public Speaking Forum and Lightning Talks.

We also suggest students translate these newly found skills into presentation building + public speaking opportunities at their college or university, or any tech-related conference they attend in the future.

NCI Rules for Conduct

NANOG is a diverse community — open to all. We are dedicated to providing an enjoyable and educational experience for our community members. In the spirit of mutual respect and collaboration, NANOG does not tolerate any unwelcome behavior from any member of its community, including NCI Program participating educators and students.

  • Educators are required to accompany their NCI participants, and to serve as their host and guide throughout the entirety of the selected and approved NANOG conference.
  • Students and educators are at NANOG by invitation, and are held to the same standards as all members of the NANOG community. They are required to follow NANOG’s Code of Conduct at all times.
  • NANOG will not grade, judge, or otherwise be held responsible for providing credit to students attending a NANOG meeting; their educator host is wholly responsible.
  • From time to time, alcohol may be served at NANOG events and third-party socials. Participants who are under the legal age of consumption for the jurisdiction where the event is being held (generally 21 years old), must not consume any illegal substances or alcoholic beverages, no matter the source.
  • Students must not attend parties, socials, and other events that are not sanctioned by NANOG.
  • There is a zero-tolerance policy for violating the NCI Program Rules for Conduct. Violation of these rules may result in immediate removal from the NANOG conference and premises, and repayment of all incurred expenses by the student.