2023 Committee Nominations

NANOG Committee participation is important to the continued success of NANOG.

If you are interested, please consider running for a position by completing the form below. We are asking for volunteers to serve on the following committees: Program, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Education, Election, Mentorship, and Scholarship. Learn more about the Committee Responsibilities on our Committee Nomination Process page.

If you know someone else that you believe would be interested, nominate them by completing the form below. All candidates will be notified of their nomination and will be asked to accept or decline the nomination. If accepted, they will be asked to complete an online questionnaire.

Committee members are typically expected to volunteer a minimum of one hour per week. The nomination form will close at 9 pm EST on 14 February 2023. Questions should be sent by E-mail to [email protected]

The Board of Directors will appoint Committee Members after the conclusion of NANOG 87.

2023 Program Committee Candidates

Kam Agahian
Phil Bedard
John Brown
Daniel Chioreanu
Kate Gerry
Marcus Holt
Mikael Holmberg
Moira Johnson
Bryan Jong
Manish Krishnan
Nimrod Levy
Marlin Martes
Sergey Myasoedov
Stevan E Plote
Charles Rumford
Adair Thaxton
Michael T. Voity
Les Williams

Terms Expiring
Terms Not Expiring
Kam Agahian ^
Melchior Aelmans
Jeff Bartig *
Aaron Atac
Tom Beecher *
Jason Bothe
Mikael Holmberg ^
Mark Buell
Bryan Jong ^
Elizabeth Culley
Alex Latzko *
Cat Gurinsky
Marlin Martes
John Kristoff
Steve Meuse *
Fearghas McKay
Stevan Plote
James Shank
Alankar Sharma
Mike Starr
Anna Valsami *
Steve Ulrich
Michael Voity
Chris Woodfield

* - Term Limited – cannot be considered for re-appointment until February 2024
^ - Completing a mid-term appointment

2023 Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee Candidates

Evan Breznyik
Jerald Chong
Kate Gerry
Stephen Hartman
Marcus Holt
T.Marc Jones
Louie Lee
Marlin Martes
Charles Rumford
Alejandro Silvestre
Anna Valsami
Clara Wade
Christoph Weisbrod
Les Williams

2023 Education Committee Candidates

Jeff Bartig
Dr. Sanjay Basu
Alex Bortok
Alex Latzko
Saju Abdul Razak Salahudeen
Alejandro Silvestre

Terms Expiring
Hosein Badran
Michael Costello ^
Paul Ebersman
Ron Kovac
Krassi Tzvetanov
Reddy Urimindi

No Committee Members are term limited

^ - moved to Board of Directors

2023 Election Committee Candidates

Leif Sawyer
Tony Tauber

Terms Expiring
Terms NOT Expiring
Dan Chioreanu *
Calin Miculescu
Mike Starr *
Mauricio Rodriguez
Steve Ulrich *
Inga Turner

Leo Vegoda

* - Term Limited - cannot be considered for re-appointment until February 2024

2023 Mentorship Committee Candidates

Manish Krishnan
Alex Latzko
Kendra Pignotti

Terms Expiring
Ron Grant
Wendy Leedy
Craig MacKinder
Matthew Petach
Reddy Urimindi

No Committee Members are term limited

2023 Scholarship Committee Candidates

Jeff Budney
Tony Tauber

Terms Expiring
Bryan Brooks
Tom Daly
Craig MacKinder
Alankar Sharma

No Committee Members are term limited