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NANOG Meeting Presentation Abstract

Update on Anomalous DNS Behavior
Meeting: NANOG29
Date / Time: 2003-10-20 9:45am - 10:30am
Room: Salons A-E
Presenters: Speakers:

Duane Wessels, Measurement Factory/CAIDA

Duane Wessels discovered Unix and the Internet as an undergraduate studying physics at Washington State University. After playing System Administrator for a few years, he moved to Boulder, Colorado, to attend graduate school. In late 1994, he joined the Harvest project, where he worked on searching, indexing and caching. From 1996 until 2000, he was co-principle investigator of the NLANR Information Resource Caching project (IRCache). During this time he and others developed and supported the Squid caching proxy. His second book, titled <I>Squid: The Definitive Guide</I>, is soon to be published by O\'Reilly and Associates. Currently, he is co-owner and president of The Measurement Factory, Inc., a company that specializes in evaluating the performance and compliance of HTTP-aware devices.
Abstract: Abuse of the DNS at the root-server level is well documented by studies of packet traces taken from root servers. For example:



We expect that similar abuse exists for top-level domain servers as well. However, in many cases the causes of such abuses are unknown. Studying packet traces from root servers presents only a part of the picture.

We use simulations based on DNS software implementations (BIND8, BIND9, windows*, djpdns) to enhance our
understanding of the client-side of DNS transactions. Our lab setup models the typical DNS architecture with root, TLD, SLD, and caching nameservers. We replay a large trace file with different caching software and different network environments. The results advance our understanding of nameserver selection algorithms and the level of DNS traffic injected into the Internet for a given client-side workload.
Files: pdfDuane Wessels Presentation(PDF)
youtubeUpdate on Anomalous DNS Behavior
Sponsors: None.

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