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NANOG Membership Information

NANOG membership is available to anyone with an interest in Internet operations, engineering, or research, who wishes to further education and knowledge sharing within the Internet operations community.

Members in good standing shall be entitled to the following privileges:

  • Voting in all NANOG elections
  • Running as a candidate for the Board of Directors
  • Serving on administrative committees
  • Receiving a $25 discount on standard registration fees for any NANOG conference

Any individual may become a member of NANOG by completing an application and payment of dues. There is only one class of membership, which includes all membership rights and privileges. The term of a membership (12 months) shall begin immediately upon receipt of the member’s application and payment of dues.

  • Standard Rate         $100/year
  • Student Discount     $50/year
  • Multi-year Discount  $90/year for 3 or more years

Join or renew your membership with NANOG today!

Clicking the join button will take you to a page at AMS where your payment will be processed.


Membership Policy Statement

Click here to read the membership policy statement in its entirety.

Members of NANOG must act in accordance with the NANOG/NewNOG Bylaws, Membership Policy Statement, Conflict of Interest Policy, and other policies and procedures adopted by the NANOG Membership or Board of Directors. You agree by submitting this membership application and upon becoming a member of NANOG, to at all times act in accordance with such documents, and to fully support and abide by the policies, as such are modified from time to time.

Members Area

  • Login to ARO to manage your meeting registrations.
  • Current NANOG members can click here to access the NANOG clothing store, as well as special discounts on O'Reilly books.