Webinar: Network Automation Panel

Webinar: Network Automation Panel


Our December 10 NANOG U Webinar - Network Automation Panel

Agenda: Join us for a panel discussion. We will talk about several topics including:

  • Purpose of Network Automation
  • Advantages/Challenges of Network Automation
  • How to Prepare For / Transition To a Career in Network Automation


Kat Ronay, Network Acquisition Specialist, Microsoft


Michael Costello, Director of Engineering, Netflix

  • Michael Costello is a Director of Engineering at Netflix where he leads a team focused on infrastructure control and automation.

Ying Zhang, Senior Engineering Manager, Facebook

  • Ying Zhang is a Software Engineering Manager in Facebook. She works on large scale network management problems and her research interests are in Software-Defined Networks, Network Function Virtualization, network monitoring, Internet routing, and network security.

Matt Turner, Network Manager, Qualcomm, Inc.

  • Former server jockey, network ninja (CCIE Emeritus), Cisco guy, sales guy, turned network manager and automation evangelist.

Zoë Blevins, Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

  • Software engineer with over a decade of experience automating config management and deployment for datacenter, CDN, and corporate networks at scale.