Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

March 1, 2019


Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

NANOG Executive Director Edward McNair introduces our newly revised Code of Conduct.

by Brandi Herrera

We sat down recently with NANOG Executive Director Edward McNair to ask him a few questions about our newly revised code of conduct — formerly known as the Attendance Charter — and why its continued evolution is critical to upholding NANOG’s core values, and mission.


What is the NANOG Code of Conduct, and how is it used by our organization?

Our code of conduct is, at its core, a pact — a point of reference that guides our community to embrace inclusion, diversity, and openness. All NANOG meeting attendees and members of our community should feel welcome. Above all else, they should feel safe. Any society that hopes to have a lasting presence must adopt similar values in an effort to facilitate a healthy, vibrant community.

In what ways does the new NANOG Code of Conduct speak to our mission as a nonprofit that holds three large-scale events every year?

NANOG was first started by a handful of young dreamers. 25 years later, NANOG meetings are attended by 900-1,300 students and working professionals from across North America. We don't all have the same points of view, or all think alike, or look alike. But our core mission to foster education and professional development hasn’t changed. To achieve this, we must first promote an environment that encourages and facilitates learning and professional growth. Our code of conduct is the foundation upon which those initiatives are built.

How does the newly revised language of the Code of Conduct reflect our community as a whole?

The world has evolved a great deal in the past two and a half decades. In fact, the very internet our community built has been the primary catalyst for such rapid change. Our code of conduct is merely a reflection of that. The internet has shown us the very best of humanity — a world of diversity, openness, and inclusion — but it has also exposed the very worst of humanity. Our code of conduct is designed to reinforce the best aspects of humanity, while keeping our worst inclinations in check.

How does the Code of Conduct enforcement process ensure NANOG’s policy to not tolerate any unwelcome behavior that it outlines?

Certain behaviors quickly erode trust, and the code of conduct reflects those. As an organization, we have no tolerance for individuals or groups who threaten the physical and/or emotional safety and wellbeing of others.

To this end, we’re committed to ensuring that all members of our community follow and respect the guidelines set forth in NANOG’s code of conduct. All members of the our board of directors and our staff, including myself, are trained in how to address and report any incidents that violate this pact. Whether a violation is reported in person at a meeting or event, or electronically, we will stop whatever we are doing to respond to the matter promptly, with the strictest confidence. It is, and always will be, our top priority to ensure each and every member of this community feels both respected, and safe.

Read NANOG’s Code of Conduct + learn more about our enforcement process here.



Brandi Herrera

Brandi Katherine Herrera is NANOG's Senior Content Strategist.

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