P.C. Picks: Best of NANOG 84

March 2, 2022


P.C. Picks: Best of NANOG 84

Programming Committees' Favorite Talks at N84

by Elizabeth Drolet

Want to catch up on all NANOG 84 talks but don't know where to start? The NANOG Programming Committee (PC) has your back. 

We've consulted with our very own panel of experts to share their "Best of the Best of NANOG 84."

Marlin Martes


PC Pick: Inclusive Hiring in Tech: How to Write More Inclusive Job Descriptions with Jill Bender.

Why: Well, I have to admit I do have a bit of bias with Jill’s presentation because I recruited her to submit a presentation for NANOG 84.

I had the pleasure of meeting Robert Bender, Jill’s father at NANOG 83 in Minneapolis.

He was enthusiastic about seeing (me) a newcomer and a young woman at the meeting. We started discussing the barriers to entry for women and people of color in tech. He proudly shared Jill’s story and how she attended NANOG as a student and was mentored by another woman in the community who offered insight and connections in the industry. Ultimately, Jill’s exposure to a strong woman in tech through NANOG influenced her transition into the industry and I think that was such an inspiration and a testament to the power of the NANOG community. 

Her presentation on inclusive hiring was insightful and really stood out for the audience because it offered sound tips and advice to recruit more women into their talent pipeline. 


Patrick Gilmore


*Please Note: Patrick is a board member that serves as the liaison to the P.C.

PC Picks: Obviously, the Keynote with Dr. Perlman, Do the Wrong Thing! How Bad Industry Decisions Led to Good Technology Development, was a treat. Put that as #1. After that, in no particular order, I liked the OSS Panel, Pwned in Space, and Inclusive Hiring.


Mikael Holmberg


PC Picks: Keynote from Radia Perlman, Do the Wrong Thing! and One RPKI Deployment Journey by Tony Tauber

Why: Tony’s talk was very good and concise, giving good introduction on RPKI ROV and the challenges, as well as, considerations for implementing it. Good overall topic and specifics of how to deploy with great insight and thoughts. It was definitely, a well spent 30 min.


Cat Gurinsky

PC Picks: Reducing IPv4 Address Waste: IPv4 Unicast Extensions Project. I also loved Radia Perlman and Adair Thaxton's presentations. 

Why: The world will one day get everything on IPv6, but let’s face it, that’s a very long road until we get there for all our companies. Seth’s talk on reducing IPv4 address waste was great, as it brought up several possible ways we could re-use un-used portions of the IPv4 network addresses. The presentation also explained the issues and benefits for each way proposed.


Michael Voity


PC Picks: So, Day 1 was my my favorite day. Starting with Radia Perlman's Keynote, Do the Wrong Thing! and then sliding into Adair Thaxton, New Network! Now, Let's Secure It.

Why: I liked the way they were able to captivate the audience, keeping us on the edge of our seats, not knowing what they would come up with next.

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Elizabeth Drolet

Elizabeth Drolet is NANOG's Multimedia Story Producer

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