PC Picks: NANOG 90 Favorite Talks

February 22, 2024


PC Picks: NANOG 90 Favorite Talks

Programming Committee Shares Their Favorite Talks at N90

by Elizabeth Drolet

NANOG 90 may be over, but the incredible presentations live on in the digital universe! Check out our YouTube channel to see the full playlist.

Don't know where to start watching? The NANOG Program Committee (PC) has you covered! Check out their favorite talks, start your NANOG 90 binge-watch + curate your own list!

Screen Shot 2023-06-23 at 6.05.15 PM

Kate Gerry
Director of Global Networking at NetActuate

Lightning Talk: How I Became a Dial-Up BBS SysOp in 2023

It was a Lightning Talk that caught my interest! I have been following "The Serial Port" on YouTube, where they have been recreating a dial-up ISP from 90s hardware, then "How I became a dial-up BBS SysOp in 2023" came into the hopper. The talk was about taking over a working BBS, with actual history!

I loved the photos of the native habitat of the BBS SysOp. BBSes were my first connectivity in the digital age, aside from the half hour that I got to experience the Internet via my Uncle's UCSD terminal early in my childhood. This brought back memories of banking time on the BBS, causing unauthorized long-distance charges and the experiences of communicating with people worldwide through FidoNet and the other BBS networks.


Deck: Lightning Talk: How I Became a Dial-Up BBS SysOp in 2023 - Sascha Pollok


Steve Plote 

Panel: Network Automation Showdown: Go vs. Python

As well as the follow-up on Wednesday in the breakout room, "Tutorial: Python, Go and Rust for Network Automation - a Lovely Battle."

It was a lovely battle! Claus Rugani Topke walked through all programming language options and weighted them against evaluation criteria and each other to conclude which was better...with some caveats.


Deck: Panel: Network Automation Showdown: Go vs. Python


Steve Ulrich
Sr. Consulting Engineer at Arista Networks

BGP in 2023

I always look forward to Geoff's review of the state of the Internet from the year that has passed. This year's report has a few surprises. I left with more questions than usual, likely a good barometer for an exciting talk!


Deck: BGP in 2023 - Geoff Huston


Aaron Atac
Network Engineer at Akamai

Tutorial: Demystifying Clos Fabrics

Chris simplified evolving network topologies and their advantages in a concise presentation, including their challenges.


Deck: Tutorial: Demystifying Clos Fabrics - Chris Woodfield


Micheal Voity
Network Engineer at The University of Vermont

Automating Internet2's Nationwide Network with Cisco NSO

As an Internet2 member, this talk gave me great insight into what goes on behind the scenes of I2 and helped me understand the migrations.


Deck: Automating Internet2's Nationwide Network with Cisco NSO - Karl Newell



Elizabeth Drolet

Elizabeth Drolet is NANOG's Multimedia Story Producer

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