Peering Forum

NANOG 90 Peering Forum

The Peering Coordination Forum, a 90-minute session, to be held on 12-Feb during NANOG 90 conference.


NANOG 90 Peering Coordination Forum applications have closed!

The forum allows attendees to meet and network with others in the peering community present at NANOG. Applications will remain open until 15 applications are received or 2-Feb-2024, whichever is first. WE HAVE RECEIVED 15 APPLICATIONS. ANY SUBMISSIONS RECEIVED NOW WILL BE ON A WAITING LIST IF WE HAVE A CANCELLATION.

Peering representatives who complete and submit the form below will have a dedicated highboy table for up to two representatives. They will be able to distribute business cards and provide a white paper or one-sheet marketing page.

Please note: any other type of giveaway is not allowed. There will also be a customized slide in the rotating deck on display during the forum.

Peering Representatives will receive a message from NANOG staff approximately one week before NANOG 90, confirming table assignment and slide deck information.