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How to Give a Presentation at NANOG

NANOG is an educational and operational forum for coordination of network operations in North America. Membership is open, and conference participants typically include senior engineering staff from Tier 1 and Tier 2 ISPs. 

Meeting Schedule and Events

Network engineers, operators, and other technical staff from networking organizations are welcome to present a talk at NANOG. Speakers typically represent research institutions, academia, business, and industry; many work for major U.S. backbone providers or equipment vendors. 

What Kinds of Topics Are Appropriate?

As you can see from the Call for Presentations and previous agendas, NANOG presentations are highly technical in content, and focus on operational issues of critical importance to the operations community. 

Attendees are quite sensitive to keeping NANOG presentations non-commercial, and product pitches are strongly discouraged. Repeated audience feedback shows that the most successful talks focus on operational experience, research results, or case studies. Presenters who are organizing a panel or BOF are encouraged to include speakers from several (perhaps even competing) companies and/or a neutral facilitator. Additional presentation guidelines are available. 

If you would like to make a presentation at a NANOG meeting, please send an abstract and draft slides (PDF preferred) to the NANOG Program Committee site at https://pc.nanog.org/main.php. You will need to create a speaker account before submitting. Presenters must submit their abstract themselves, rather than working through a third party, an advertising/PR firm or marketing department.