Shipping + Logistics

NANOG 83 Conference Hosted by Kentik

NANOG 83 Shipping + Logistics Information for Sponsors

Shipping Instructions:

All NANOG Sponsors are responsible for their individual shipping and handling charges associated with the conference. To ensure the delivery of boxes to your designated exhibit area, please use the NANOG labels below and complete and return the Credit Card Form to Amy Kettner.


  • The Hyatt Regency Minneapolis will accept shipments starting on Thursday, October 28.
  • The Receiving Department is open Monday through Friday, 6:30am-3:00pm.
  • Common problems that can delay the delivery of your shipments are: 
    • Recipient does not know how the boxes were shipped 
    • Recipient does not have tracking numbers 
    • Boxes were not addressed with the Shipping Labels below
  • If you comply with the shipping and handling instructions, your packages will be delivered to your designated exhibit area:
    • 30 minutes prior to your exhibit time for breakfast/breaks/lunch 
    • at least 60 minutes prior for Beer N Gear
  • Please email NANOG Sponsor Support with questions or concerns.

Handling and Storage Charges:

Handling charges for packages are as follows:

Weight/pounds Charge Weight/pounds Charge
Five boxes or less $5.00/Box Five boxes or less $5.00/Box
6‐10 boxes $50.00 6‐10 boxes $50.00
11‐20 boxes $100.00 11‐20 boxes $100.00
21‐30 boxes $250.00 21‐30 boxes $250.00
31‐50 boxes $500.00 31‐50 boxes $500.00
Flat Rate for Pallet $275.00 / each Flat Rate for Pallet $275.00 / each
Rolling Cargo Case $100.00 / each Rolling Cargo Case $100.00 / each

Storage charges for packages are as follows:

Packages received or stored more than 5 days prior to event $50.00
Packages received or stored more than 10 days prior to event $75.00

Outbound Packages:

All outbound packages must have a completed carrier shipping label affixed to each package.  The Hotel will pick up outbound packages and take them to the Hotel's shipping department to be sent out.


All sponsors that are shipping materials to NANOG 83, MUST use one of the provided shipping labels below. Please provide the label to any vendors sending packages on your behalf.

Please click on the sponsorship type for your label, below — each box must contain a label:

- Beer N Gear Sponsor 

- Break Sponsor 

- Breakfast Sponsor 

- Espresso Sponsor 

- Giveaway Sponsor 

- Hackathon Sponsor 

- Lunch Sponsor

- Network Lounge Sponsor

- Peering Coordination Forum Sponsor 

- Premium Sponsors

- Social Sponsor 

- Women in Technology Lunch Sponsor

Audio Visual, Electrical, and Internet:

AV & Electrical Order Form

Internet: NANOG wireless network included complimentary, wired ethernet connection may be requested at NANOG Sponsor Support.

Sponsor Guidelines:

Please reference the Sponsor Guidelines for further information.